Sunday, February 24, 2008


In what was a close game for about three quarters, the Mavs beat the Timberwolves 99-83. I don't know why the Timberwolves stopped playing in the fourth quarter. Maybe it was the overwhelming J-Kidd factor that propelled Dallas to a 26-10 fourth quarter advantage.

I was quite impressed with the Timberwolves play (for the first three quarters). They didn't shoot too many threes (a total of 4 for the whole game, ESPN says 2, but I saw more). Jaric worked well with Craig Smith and Al Jefferson. The give and go's were a thing of beauty. Smith showed his terrific offensive skills, embarrassing the Mavs front court defense. Despite only scoring four points, he is a developing all around player that kind of reminds me of Jason Maxiell (he still needs to practice more, though).

Dallas showed that they are starting to blend well with their new point guard (J-Kidd, of course). His assist numbers have been truly off the charts of late and I think this is just the beginning. The fact that this game featured three quarters in which each one was tied should scare Mavs fans. They should have crushed them like they did in the fourth quarter the whole game.

All of you Minnesota fans have tons to look forward to. Jefferson is terrific, Smith should continue to grow and develop, and keeping up their horrible record for this season will secure a lottery pick for them. They should get a versatile guy (like Shawn Marion), he would pose another terrific offensive threat and help them improve over the next few years in the rebuilding process.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Cavs are now joining the teams that are shaking things up.

Cavs get:
F/C Ben Wallace (Bulls)
F Joe Smith (Bulls)
2009 2nd-round pick (Bulls)
F Wally Szczerbiak (Sonics)
G Delonte West (Sonics)

Sonics get:
F Ira Newble (
F Donyell Marshall (Cavaliers)
F Adrian Griffin (Bulls)

Bulls get:
F Drew Gooden (
G Larry Hughes (Cavaliers)
F Cedric Simmons (Cavaliers)
G Shannon Brown (Cavaliers)

Danny Ferry is really making things happen. If Wallace and Wally can propel this team far into the playoffs, you have to give Ferry credit. They still have to prove themselves, West is what they need at the guard spot and Smith could provide some bench scoring.

The Sonics get some nice cap room and some solid role players. This should help them put talent around Kevin Durant in the off season. Marshall may come inspired and play up to his potential, although it is the Sonics (sorry Sonics fans, this is not your year).

The Bulls add some young talent that needs to develop, along with great starters in Gooden and Hughes. This may be the place where Hughes can play like he used to when he was with the Wizards. He brings more experience than the young Bulls, which should give him a much bigger role than his Cleveland role. Gooden should be a solid double-double on almost every night, but he adds more offense than Wallace offered.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


JKidd is a Maverick again, thanks to a blockbuster deal with the Nets:

Nets get: Devin Harris, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell, DeSagana Diop, Keith Van Horn (sign and trade), 08 and 2010 1st round draft picks, and three million in cash.

Dallas gets: Jason Kidd, Malik Allen, and Antoine Wright.

Lots of solid players move in this deal. I think Dallas loses depth and adds a more proven guard. The Nets did well for themselves, young guards to build around, a defensive specialist, and a solid big man. Van Horn most likely won't play, but if he were to play, he still may have a shot.

Does Dallas become more of a contender? Maybe, but not by much, if at all. You look at the moves LA and the Suns made and this move doesn't change the dynamic of Dallas enough. Dallas will have to pay the luxury tax, but maybe this may propel them. Just like what Steve Kerr did, Cuban is showing he is not afraid to help them win. I wish him well, along with the Mavs (they need it, they are in the West).

When I think of the Nets, hey why not trade VC? Will they try to rebuild with this deal, or win as much as possible? Expiring contracts could help the Nets get some talented players in the upcoming off seasons, when the free agent pool is deep. I think they should try this team for this season, see how it goes and go from there. If Harris starts to play the way I think he can, maybe they can still be a solid team. Eastern conference champion, no, but solid enough to get into the second round of the playoffs.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Here are some of the coolest moments of All-Star 2008:

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dwight Howard deserves a creativity award for the show he put on last night.
If you didn't see that and other great dunks, watch this:

Overall,I thought the dunk contest went really well. I did predict Jamario Moon
or Rudy Gay to win, but they didn't come out gunning as I predicted. I
agree with what the guys at TNT said, Moon shouldn't have put that tape
measure out, because it put to much pressure on him. Gay was just
overshadowed by Howard (like everyone else was). Hopefully you all got
a chance to vote via text message,, or that phone line they
talked about. I voted online, it seemed as though their server was
really being worked, so it took a little bit.

I would like to commend one of my readers (NBAboss)
for predicting Howard would steal the show. He talked about a practice
video and how his dunks looked terrific. Here is what he was talking

Look, he was right and I was wrong. Thanks for your incite NBAboss and
hopefully more of you will try to prove me wrong with my predictions.

The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans on TNT.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Despite coming at a surprising time (All-Star weekend), it is being reported that both teams have agreed on this Bibby deal.

Kings get: Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Tue, Lorenzen Wright, Shelden Williams, and a 2nd round pick
Hawks recieve: Mike Bibby

This is an interesting deal on the Hawks side. Right now they are on the outside looking in, ninth in the Eastern conference standings. They now have a tremendous point guard to blend with their young front line, lots of upside. I see a new big three: Joe Johnson, Al Horford and now Mike Bibby. These guys may make something happen in Atlanta this year. They did lose both of their veteran point guards, I don't really like that, those guys are great mentors and decent role players. Bibby needs to bring his knowledge of the game to this team and teach Acie Law, Salim Stoudamire and other Hawks guards how to play the game.

The Kings got the green light to begin the rebuilding process. Williams should be a 20-10 guy in the future and they picked some decent guards to replace the whole left by the lack of Bibby. I wish they would have tried to exploit some more of that Hawks youth, maybe getting the great potential of a Salim Stoudamire, or Acie Law.

Man, I wished I lived in Atlanta again, now they can go and watch a solid basketball team! Boy, the tides have changed.

The second official day of the All-Star festivities will feature the D-League All Star game and the NBA's All-Star Saturday night. Don't overlook the D-League All Star game, there is lots of talent in this league. Everyone wants to talk about Morris Almond and his 50 point games; he is developing and will be an NBA player eventually (I hope). Catch the Blue team play the Red team in the D-League All Star game at 3 Eastern time only on NBA TV.

Now, all of you NBA buff's, are you ready for All-Star Saturday night? Both the East and West teams had a practice session to prepare for Sundays game. Starting at 8pm Eastern time on TNT are four great events. The Playstaion Skills Challenge will test dribbling and fundamental skills of the participants. Haier Shooting Stars will feature players from multiple leagues, shooting for the win! The Foot Locker Three-point Shootout will feature the sharp shooters of the league, facing off! Saving the best for last, the Sprite Slam Dunk, which will feature a text vote to determine who will win the contest.

Here are the participants in the contests:
Playstaion Skills Challenge: Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwayne Wade.
Foot Locker Three-point Shootout: Daniel Gibson, Richard Hamilton, Jason Kapono, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Peja Stojakovic.
Sprite Slam Dunk: Gerald Green, Jamario Moon, Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay.

My predictions:
Skills Challenge: Wade is likely to defend his title, or Paul will steal the show.
Three-Point Shootout: I think Gibson could come close, but will be nervous, so I pick the shootout proven Jason Kapono.
Slam Dunk: I want to pick Moon, the wild card, but my second choice is Rudy Gay.

REMINDER: The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans this weekend on TNT. Come to Basketball Notes by Alex for all of your All-Star coverage! I will live blog on Saturday, Febuary 16th, starting at 8pm Eastern, until the big events of the night are over. On Sunday, Feb. 17th, at 8pm Eastern as well I will blog during the All-Star game. Join in on the talk, answer poll questions, and more!

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Friday, February 15, 2008


Tonight the noob's of the NBA (the rookies) will face off against the sophomore's in a showdown of the future of the NBA on TNT. I want to see Brandon Roy (maybe Rudy Guy) steal the show for the Blazers, maybe then the Blazers will spell his name right in their newsletters (there was no r after the b in Brandon). On the rookies side, I am not sure who would be the MVP. My top three are Durant, Horford, or the surprise of the group, Jamario Moon. If Moon gets the MVP, then he's got the momentum for Saturday's dunk contest.

I was thinking about the future of this game and the All-Star game, and what if the crazy offensively catered rules of the NBA propel these games to scores of 200 or more? This is most likely five to seven years away, but the thought of it should create chills for people like me, who loves to see a scoring game (like the way the Suns play). What do you think? Will these games ever have final scores of 200, or more, post it in the comments.

REMINDER: The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans this weekend on TNT. Come to Basketball Notes by Alex for all of your All-Star coverage! I will live blog on Saturday, Febuary 16th, starting at 8pm Eastern, until the big events of the night are over. On Sunday, Feb. 17th, at 8pm Eastern as well I will blog during the All-Star game. Join in on the talk, answer poll questions, and more!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Shaq and Bill Walton seem to have different opinion's on Shaq's health, since he has arrived to play with the Suns. Bill looks at what Shaq did in Miami this season, an injury prone time to say the least and thinks that now he is with Steve, Amare and the others, nothing will be different about his health. Shaq thinks Bill can't talk about his injuries not being legitimate, because he himself had a very injury prone career.

Look, I really respect both of these guys. Although I've never watch him play, Bill Walton's basketball IQ (and his overall academic IQ, for that matter) are a huge attribute to basketball on national TV. Shaq is truly a memorable player who really is a joy to hear about. I can't wait to see him be put into the basketball hall of fame.

I think both Bill and Shaq are right in their own ways. Bill knows that a player can't just go from not being able to play and then healthy enough to start practice. I think he does have to take into account that the Suns have a different approach to player rehabilitation. Shaq also may be a few days (or a week or so) away from getting on the court for his first game with the Suns. Shaq looks at Walton's resume and thinks it is wrong for him to blame Shaq for not trying to get back on the court. First, Shaq needs to know Bill is a basketball analyst, so of course he's going to criticize you. Walton can't really talk, that's where Shaq does have a point. It depends on how you look at Walton: as an analyst, or a former basketball player. Shaq takes it more personally, when he should be used to negative things being said about him in the media.

I hope these two clear things up, they should both be friends. Shaq will look past this, as long as he performs with the Suns.

REMINDER: The All-Star festivities are going to be held in New Orleans this weekend on TNT. Come to Basketball Notes by Alex for all of your All-Star coverage! I will live blog on Saturday, Febuary 16th, starting at 8pm Eastern, until the big events of the night are over. On Sunday, Feb. 17th, at 8pm Eastern as well I will blog during the All-Star game. Join on the talk, answer poll questions, and more!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


If you have been living under a rock lately, then you haven't heard that Shaq has been traded to the Suns for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I can't say whether I like this deal yet or not. I have to commend Steve Kerr for not being afraid to try something different, along with Suns management, for not being afraid to take on the NBA's luxury tax.

From the Miami side, right now I don't really care about how this deal pertains to this season. What I really want to see is if the Heat will sign Marion for the long term, or attempt to open cap room. If they continue to play as badly as they have been all season, it will be great to see a big come to the Heat via a lottery pick. Right now they are very weak in the front court. They may have a couple of bigs, but they need to re-energize at the center position with some youth.
If only they hadn't traded Wayne Simien in that Antoine Walker deal, he looked promising.

Very soon Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks, for that matter) will make their first appearances in Heat uniforms. The lineup will see some big changes and we will see if Marion comes out with an inspired effort. I also wouldn't count Banks out, just because he didn't play in Phoenix, doesn't mean Miami won't be where he gets hot.

Friday, February 01, 2008


The LA Lakers pulled off a major trade with the Grizzlies today, dealing Kwame Brown, Jarvaris Crittenton
and first-round draft picks in 2008 and 2010. This deal is strictly a cap deal for the Grizz. I do commend both GM's involved in this deal because they realize where they are compared to the competition. LA is a potential title contender that desperately needed another piece to make up for the Bynum injury. The Grizz have lots of young talent, but are kind of in a rebuilding stage right now.

Analyzing this deal, I do see some real problems for the Lakers. Will LA pay lots of luxury tax this season, or try to change that with a cap deal of their own? When Bynum is healthy again, will they both start? If so, who has to play power forward over their usual center position? These are some questions that the Zen Master (Phil Jackson, head coach) will answer with ease when Bynum is back.

For the Grizz, should you even really play the rest of this season or just take a lottery pick? I mean I have always liked the Grizz, but they can just not compete with anyone right now. They are a little bit above the Timberwolves level. Also, Ric Bucher said something very important, what will happen to Juan Carlos Navarro? He really only came to the Grizz because Pau was on the team. What's the point of staying now? He is a promising guard, so the Grizz need to get something for him if he stays in the NBA.