Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lakers Lose 2nd In A Row!

The LA Lakers came up short, losing 106-103 to the Magic. The Lakers are not playing well on either end. On offense, it was basically Kobe and DFish. They combined for 68 points and were two of three players in double figures (Pau chipped in with 11). On defense, they allowed too many threes and Nelson pretty much had his way.

The LA offense was the worst I've seen it this season. Kobe shot about 36% of all Laker shots. He had to shot too many times to get a season high 41. While it's an individual high, it's really a team low. Forgeting about Kobe, why was DFish the second option? I know Pau didn't play well and Bynum had foul trouble, but come on. That's where Odom has to come in and take some of the load offensively. The offense did seem stagnant also, but when the goal is to feed one player I can see why that might happen.

I expect a lot more out of LA. If they can't play better in Memphis, Phil Jackson should make them run until there legs don't work anymore.

The Magic should be happy. Jameer Nelson has been tremendous of late and the whole team played with a nice bounce to their step. If they keep this up they can cement themselves as the fourth best team in the league.

Photo by: Reinhold Matay