Sunday, December 07, 2008

Knicks Beat Pistons!

The Knicks pulled out a surprising win against Detroit 104-92. I was watching the first half of this game and I was thinking, what the hell is wrong with the Pistons? The Knicks were moving the ball around, getting open threes, layups, just blowing them out in the first half. I knew that in the second half the Pistons would make a run. They did, they got it down to five, but Wilson Chandler hit a big three that allowed them to relax a little bit.

Chris Duhon had another big game for the Knicks. He played all 48 minutes and kept the team in order on offense. He has blossomed under D'Antoni's system and I thought he would be a great pickup from Chicago. His partner in crime, David Lee also came up big. Even though he fumbled some passes down the stretch, he had 19 boards. You don't pull down that many boards because the ball comes your way. He boxed out and made many hustle plays.

Now, those Pistons. The team doesn't look good. The body language isn't there, Rip is obviously frustrated. I was behind the Michael Curry decision for head coach, but I'm not so sure about it now. This team doesn't look like a team that's hungry, a team that wants to win.

Rip was also thrown out of the game. He got his first T when he was complaining about a call that was wrong, but the refs didn't see it. Then, in a sign of frustration he pushed Jared Jefferies after a foul was already called. That resulted in an automatic T, he was gone. I do understand some of Rip's problems. He doesn't feel comfortable not having a pure point to run the offense. I also don't think he loves to play a more up tempo style. If I'm Joe Dumars, I would seriously consider the market value of Hamilton. Even if they're only going to keep AI for this season, Rip just needs to change his attitude. There are other points guards you can play with, Rip (other than Billups).

There are problems in Detroit, but maybe they'll have to put up with it for a while. This team will not win a title. Dumars probably knows that, he's planning to get some young talent (maybe in 2010?). Will Sheed retire soon? There are too many questions in Detroit.

Photo by: Kathy Willens


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