Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cavs Beat Thunder!

The Cavs pulled out a road win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, 102-91. Big whoop, they beat a terrible team. No, I thought the Thunder put up a good fight for three quarters. Both teams shot well, Cleveland is just better in 48 minutes.

A lot of people feel that the Thunder are the laughing stock of the league, but they've got a nice young core. I am a huge fan of this big three: Westbrook, Durant and Green. To be honest, I like Westbrook the most out of all of these guys. He's not the most complete player (his shot needs some work), but he's quick and he knows how to run a team. I'm really impressed with how he can back up his speed with powerful throw downs. Durant is great, I just want to see him be a more efficient scorer. He has to put a lot of shots to score big and as he progresses, I expect him to take better shots. Green is a beast. He hit some really tough shots tonight and he can bring the rim down.

One good thing about the terrible record the Thunder have: they're the front runners for the top pick in the draft. If they could add a guy like Black Griffin to the mix, they'd be scary. They'd have just about every position covered. I like the future prospects for this team, we'll have to see how far they get in a couple years.

The Cavs played as you would expect; great outing, although not their best defensive outing. All that matters is that they got the W.

Photo by: Layne Murdoch


Juan y Fer said...

this team is incredible and it is a serious candidate to be the champion.
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