Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hawks Comeback to Beat Sixers!

The Hawks beat the Sixers in an incredible come back. They were down by as many as 23 points, but they came back inch by inch in the second half. Guys like Josh Smith and Joe Johnson were the key down the stretch. For three quarters, Smith played a terrible game. But by the fourth, he was hitting clutch shots and making needed plays.

In the first half, it was all Sixers. In the second quarter, my Philly breakout pick-Thaddeus Young had an incredible quarter. He went four of six from three for the game and hit about three in the first half. One big mistake the Sixers coaching staff made was taking him out of the game. That made him loose his rhythm and it probably would've have helped if he had time to test that hot streak. Either way, Young played great.

I also felt that while watching this game that the Sixers looked like the Pistons did last year. A team that gets too confident and disregards what the other team can do. They're offensive game became really flat and they let the Hawks feed off of energy from their home crowd.

Joe Johnson makes my choice for player of the game easy. If you forget the stats (even though they were great), you can tell he carried this team down the stretch. His best shot was with under a minute to go on a possession when they had a two point lead. The Sixers defense was all over him, but, after taking some time off of the shot clock, he drained a 30 footer. That's a shot that only the LeBron's, the Kobe's and I guess the Joe Johson's can make.

If you didn't get a chance to see this one, you missed out. It was a great game with some teams that could develop a nice matchup for the future.

Photo by: Scott Cunningham


Peter Robert Casey said...

Missed the game, but I hear the Sixers are now able to compete in a halfcourt game with Brand inside. I'm wondering to what effect Childress' departure will have on the Hawks ability to keep the Eastern Conference playoffs competitive.

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