Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dirk Cites Insider Trading For Mavericks Decline!

Here's a report from an inside source:
When asked about why his Dallas Mavericks are competing with the Grizzlies (each are 3-7) Dirk said, "look we traded that young kid who was good and young, got a tremendous prehistoric point guard, problem is he's just too old to get me a ring." He thinks the trade could not have been Cuban approved, "I feel it was those damn Grizzlies, they were responsible for the Gasol trade, they must have had something to do with this deal."

Obviously I'm just looking for a good way to bring up how bad the Mavs have been early on (no offense, JKidd). I mean, come on, I thought they might compete for a playoff spot. From what I've seen early on, they're not going to do it. They have Josh Howard, Dirk, a declining Kidd, and don't forget Jason "the jet" Terry; you think they'd be able to do something.

Only time will tell with this squad. Looking at their next 10 games (including tonight against the Bobcats), I think this will have to be where they prove themselves. If they win five of 10, I think it will be a dramatic mental drop down for them. They are facing the Lakers, Rockets and Suns, those should be good tests. I would say winning seven of these 10 would be a big success for them. You know they're going to bring it for the elite, their games against LA and Houston will be on national TV.

I feel a deal could help as well. They need a better point guard off the bench. I would do either of these three things- trade Jerry Stackhouse for a decent point guard (not a great chance of happening), buyout Stackhouse and look into the free agent market for a guard (maybe), I really like the idea of moving Jason Terry to the bench. He's an energy guy and giving him major minutes off the bench will boost productivity and the energy level off the bench.

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