Friday, October 17, 2008

Look Out for the Young Fella!

Since the NBA season is about 11 days away, I want to talk about improvements that I've seen in one Young, lucky individual.

I haven't seen everyone play, but I've seen the Sixers a couple of times. I am looking for some nice progress from Thaddeus Young. Going into his second year, I can tell he's put in some work. He's acquired an outside shot and now he'll be able to shoot the three and be an inside-outside threat. Don't forget the fact that now he is moving over to the three spot instead of the four. This will help him play with guys his own size. At 6'8" he's pretty small for a four. This will also help the Sixers because if a backup gets injured, he could take some minutes at the four, if necessary.

Speaking of the Sixers, aren't they stacked? Look at the back court, Andre Miller, Louis Williams, Willie Green, Kareem Rush (great addition, mainly a three point threat), and Royal Ivey. Don't even get me started on their options at the forward spots. The only point of concern in terms of depth is the center position. I know Samuel Dalembert can handle a good amount of the minutes there, but the guys backing him up are all washed up vets and young guys (Theo Ratliff, Jared Reiner and rookie Marreese Speights). With all due respect to those players, they could have gotten a better back up. It's not a major problem, but if Sammy gets hurt, it could be.


Ed The Sports Fan said...

You know what, to be perfectly honest...I'm still not all that high on Philadelphia. I think they are as good as Andre Iguodala takes them. He's gotta step up to be a top 10 talent and be able to take over in the 4th quarter. Otherwise they're still not any better than Toronto.

Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

dude, seriously check this out: