Monday, September 08, 2008

What Makes A Good Blog Contest?

Guest post won from the Sports Dollar's Contest of Sports Sexiness

With so many blog contests out there, have you wondered what a good blog contest is like?

Basically, a good blog contest doesn't necessarily have to possess all the attributes below, but the more of them it fulfils, the merrier. Of course, this is just a general guide and some deviations may be expected in certain circumstances.

  1. Easy to enter – This is pure common sense, I would say. If you came up with a contest with so many conditions that it would put off visitors, wouldn't it defeat your purpose in having a contest in the first place?
  2. Easy to win – Now this is a debatable attribute owing to the fact that a good contest usually attracts so many people to enter that the actual chances of winning and very slim. One way would be to move away from random drawings to quality drawings – meaning the best entries win. Of course, this should also entail that judging should be done by a qualified person.
  3. Fairness – This relates to the previous point as well but also for random drawings. This should be done openly and as fairly as possible with no biases inserted.
  4. Complete and understandable – Have you ever read a contest post and not know what it is talking about? It's fine to be creative but make sure the contest details are clear and understandable and that all the details are given, such as rules, deadlines, prizes, method of judging etc.
  5. Open to most if not all – This is a critical condition as many blog contests fail this test. The blogosphere today is an international arena, with many bloggers from diverse parts of the world. Yet, many bloggers are still having the "US only (or US and Canada only)" mentality when holding blog contests.
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