Monday, September 08, 2008

Tips For Holding A Contest

Another guest post from the Sports Dollar's Contest of Sports Sexiness

If you're keen on jumping on the bandwagon of hosting your own blog contest, here are some tips how to do so.

There are many contests where the host leaves you guessing or makes you really work for the details on how to enter it. The deadline to enter the contest is sometimes missing so you are not sure as to the date that the winner will be drawn.

Consider this as well when you are writing your contest post: How will the winner be announced or contacted? Will you require that the winner check back to see if he or she has won or will you be contacting him or her?

Having clear cut directions on how to enter as well as having a set and clear date as to when you will accept the last entry or the date you will draw a winner is vital for your readers and visitors too.

The success of your contest depends on getting the word out there. You can contact bloggers who are considered contest bloggers and ask them to post your contest on their blog. This will give your blog as well as your contest greater exposure.

I hope this helps when you post your next contest!

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