Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take a Break from the Iron LeBron!

The Cavs want LeBron to stay away from the gym for a couple of weeks before training camp opens. LeBron is so fit he can take two or three weeks to relax? Course it's true but do the Cavs have to rub it in?

I'm fine with LeBron taking a week off, maybe. But if you're out of routine for a couple weeks, won't that kind of throw off his rhythm? I know LeBron is no amateur ball player, but I like to try to be in rhythm. Training camp would definitely get his legs going for the season, but, going into training camp you should be 100% in a fitness routine and ready to go.

This is not me saying that Bron Bron won't be able to play while taking a break (trust me it would take a lot more than that for his game to be off). It's just me as a concerned LeBron fan (not really a big Cavs fan, sorry), wanting Cavs training camp to go smoothly.


jay smith said...

Excellent post, thank you!