Sunday, September 07, 2008

Short Rant On Recent NBA Happenings!

I know I haven't been able to update recently (I'll try to as much as possible), but that doesn't mean I haven't been watching the news and staying up to date. So here's what I think about the latest stories!

The Mario Chalmbers and Darrell Arthur "incident": of course this was a mistake, but don't most NBA players get involved in these kinds of things? The real mistake was that they did it during the Rookie Transition Program. You've got to get your timing right, guys! Look, as long as these guys come out and perform come playing time, I'm don't care about this. It doesn't mean they can't be a favorite player of mine, it just means they have to redeem their cool player titles.

Now, on to the proposed trade between New York and Memphis. If you didn't know this trade would feature Zach Randolph going West for Marko Jaric and Darko Milicic. This trade doesn't make a lot of sense for New York. There trades should setup cap flexibility and this one doesn't. Randolph will makes a whooping $48 million over the last three years of his contract. Darko will make $29 million over the next two years and Jaric will make $7 million a year for three years.

Here's a way to make this trade work: you cut Zach Randolph into two smaller pieces, now market and trade the pieces for cap flexibility. These guys may not be all that marketable, but I think they're better broken down than having Randolph. Jaric is a decent shooter and Milicic can be a guy with potential. Sounds like a decent package to me.

Switching to a non basketball subject, HBO's Entourage kicks off tonight! Some blog friends of mine have been running some great posts about it! I particularly love this one from the Hoops Doctor. Can't argue with this one either. I'm really looking forward to it, especially seeing as there is no basketball on!