Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Almost Time!

I know I've been on an extended vacation (sorry for that, wasn't planning on it), but now the season is less than a month upon us. This season is gonna to be tremendous, can't wait.

I really want to see the Blazers pan out (did you know they're running a live blog today?). I love Fernandez, Frye, Oden, Roy, the whole crew. They can definitely make the playoffs, but I'm not sure yet on how far they can really go. I want to see a lot out of Travis Outlaw this season. This is a guy who has the skill set to be a great player, he just needs to put in some work. I have faith that he did and will come into this season ready to improve.

With everyone starting training camp this week, the preseason is upon us. As far as I know the Knicks have already fallen on their faces and Kobe has accepted the MVP trophy already. On a serious note, I might be going to a preseason game! More on that as the date approaches.