Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How's Your Shot Now Mamba?

Kobe Bryant has decided to skip his right pinkie surgery; something that really puzzles me. Sure, it is important to get a winning mentality (not to mention all of your key players) in training camp, but they made it to the finals last year and this year they'll be even better.

While this is brave of Kobe, I think his shot will suffer. During the 07-08 season, KB24 shot about 46% from the field. While he did shoo't even better from the field in the playoffs, his free throw shooting suffered. He shot 84% in the regular season, and 81% in the playoffs. I know what you're thinking, it's only three percent, big deal? But what if he were to drop another three percent. That puts him in the upper percentile of what power forwards and centers shot.

Did I mention the slump he went through in the Olympics? Think Ray Allen circa last season's playoffs. He did pull himself out of it, but he'll have to be a lot better.

I'm sure you can still slash, crash and dash the crowd Kobe. I just don't want to see you cradle that pinkie mid-season and be forced to have surgery. Just watch those free throws, MVP, gold medalist and three time NBA Finals champ.