Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Basketball Movie We CAN'T See?

I'm glad that the documentary on LeBron was a hit (here are the reviews). But why can't the great Canadians (the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival) get it out on DVD? This is coming from someone who loves basketball and movies. I mean I understand that they wanted to make this film a little exclusive and play up their film festival, but come on. Think of how popular LeBron is, release it and make a little money.

LeBron should advise the producer, he is a huge brand on his own. Maybe he can band together with his billionaire friends Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Here's another thought: how about a basketball film festival? Maybe there aren't enough basketball related films, but I'm sure we could find a couple we don't hear about on the national level.

Finally, let everyone see basketball films! Before summers end, I had to deal with not being able to see Gunnin For That #1 Spot; now this. Hollywood, respect the basketball fans of the world!