Monday, August 18, 2008

Team USA Says Goodbye to Germany!

Team USA finished up pool play with a big win over Germany, 106-57. This wasn't really a game worth watching, but I saw a lot of great highlights. This was really no contest, it was 31-12 after the first. The USA had too much fire power for Germany to handle. Germany really is weak offensively, something that doesn't get you past pool play.

Again shooting was a positive for the US. Although not as solid as they were against Spain, Team USA shot 11-26 from beyond the arc. If I'm Coach K, I'm pretty happy with the 5-0 record in pool play. Although they still have a lot to do, they are better record wise than they were in Athens (where they lost their first game to Puerto Rico).

Dirk Nowitzki played what was likely his last game for Germany today. He deserves a lot of credit for all he did for his country. I really respect all of his effort. This is a guy who cried when Germany qualified. He's such a competitor and he deserves a lot for putting it on the line for his country.

Now it's time for the one and done medal round. They will be playing Australia in the first game. This is a team that was very impressive in an exhibition against the US. In this game they will have Andrew Bogut down low, they should be even better. We'll see how team USA responds to a rematch against a team that they played their worst game against. They will come out with lots of intensity, they know the medal is just three games away.

Spain, Lithuania, China, Greece and Argentina are also moving to the medal round. Lithuania has been a surprise, they should beat China, but they shouldn't go any further. I am looking forward to a USA-Argentina game.