Thursday, August 14, 2008

Team USA beats Greece!

Team USA beat up on Greece 92-69, finally taking full control of a big game. In the opening minutes of this game Team USA looked terrible. JKidd picked up three very quick fouls (I think at the 8:35 mark in the first quarter) and the game was slow and it was Greece's game. That's why the game really took a turn in the second quarter. Team USA stopped playing Greece's game and started playing their game. Steals and creating offense from their defense is what makes them unstoppable.

Greece never really had it going, they only had a strong start. The front line wasn't able to intimidate the US and the outside shots weren't falling (4-18 from beyond the arc). If they are able to squeeze out of Group B, they'll have to dramatically slow the game down and stop turning the ball over.

Kobe Bryant really made inroads in this game, he shot a little better and was great inside and out. Of course, the player of the game was Dwayne Wade, he was spectacular in this one. Turnover, outlet pass, dunk; that was the formula for DWade's attack. Throwing all of those alley oops helped Wade put up an all around stat line (17 points, 5 assists, and 3 boards). Something that was also really on display today was LeBron's blocking ability. He swatted three shots and each and every block seemed better than the other. Having the luxury at the small forward spot (although he sometimes slides to the power forward) is key if team USA is going to win the gold.

Next game is against Spain, they're coming with a 3-0 record. This will be another huge game, both teams still have something to prove and it's time for one of these squads to be 3-1. I am predicting another US win, but I guarantee it'll be closer than this game was.