Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Iggy gets a lot of Milli's!

A million here, a million there, that's the song Andre Iguodala put on repeat; getting a six year, $80 million dollar deal with the Sixers. Of course, this is too much money for Iggy, but what were the Sixers to do, break up their young core because they want to be thrifty? Look, they have Brand, Louis Williams, and Iguodala, that's a great core.

Anyone who says well Josh Smith didn't even get $60 million needs to be quiet. The Sixers are doing business the way you have to do business. When you have a top notch employee that wants a certain amount of money, you just might have to pay top dollar. The Hawks need to learn for the Sixers; then maybe they could have kept Josh Childress and not pissed off Josh Smith. Philly understands that if you pay guys what they'd like to be paid, maybe they'll go into the season happy and ready to win. Ed Stefanski knows that to win, you might have to spend money (did you know that, Grizzlies?).

If I were to estimate what he's worth, it's definitely not a lot higher than what he got. In other words, I wouldn't classify this as a Rashard Lewis overpaying, but a slight overpaying. I'm sure Iggy and his agent had a nice night after hearing about the pay day.

He might've also listened to this:
A Milli - Lil Wayne

I don't know about you, but I've got an early mention for Ed Stefanski as executive of the year. Stealing Elton Brand and keeping this young team together was the ultimate goal for this summer. He did that and, although some may not think this is a big deal, but he signed what could be a key role player in Kareem Rush. He can shoot and that's exactly what they need coming off the bench.

Last year, they won 40 games. This year, I'd put my sights on slightly surpassing, or meeting the Magic's record (52 wins last season). They will be a definite force in the East.

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