Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Earl Boykins becomes a rich Italian!

Earl Boykins, a 5'5" point guard is heading to Virtus Bologna for $3.5 million. Here's a statement that was translated from the club:
We hope that the skills of this Earl Boykins, how you say, will help our team. We think that the lack of doping tests over here will help us dramatically increase his height (although only in meters, not inches). If we are lucky, he should become taller than Andrea Bargnani (who we no longer consider an Italian, more like a disappointment)!
I don't know why this team would pay him so much. Sure, he can shoot and run the ball, but why not try picking another NBA player? This should make Boykins look a lot better though, just because the Euro-league is better than college, it's not better than the NBA. I wish the best for Boykins, and Virtus Bologna (who I'm sure has people that speak perfect English).


TJI said...

Earl the Squirrel continues to amaze. Been watching him since we were at Eastern Michigan together. Thanks for the update. Great site. Check ours out at