Friday, August 29, 2008

And The Team Name Is... Leaking!

The Oklahoma City NBA franchise, formerly known as the Sonics are set to unveil the name, logo and colors next Wednesday. Well, the name Oklahoma City Thunder has been tossed around a lot. I don't love it, don't hate it (hey, it'll still be a bad team).

I would now like to see the management team surprise everyone (like a Republican did today). How about the Oklahoma City Dogs of the Western Conference? I know that the people came to see the Hornets play, but they were a great squad. Will the support be there for a young, developing team? Not to drift away from basketball, but will people have enough money to come out? If so, will they lose volume in extras (drinks, etc.).

This is a chance for me to put on the hat of a basketball economist. I think the buzz will be good, but not great. When you saw the crowd for the Hornets, you could feel the energy they gave to them. I don't think there will be a lot of buzz for a guy in Kevin Durant that only scores because he gets a lot of shots up (sorry KD, you've got to get better). I would say that 75% of the people who went to see the Hornets would see the Sonics. In at least half of the games they play, there will be a star that can attract people to the games. I think they will fit a pretty big bill in the short term for this move.