Friday, July 18, 2008

Should Cuban and Pritchard Have a Sitdown?

The Mavericks let injury ridden Darius Miles workout for them. If he signs anywhere and plays in 10 or more games, the Blazers owe him a nine million dollar salary. That begs the question, what does Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard do about it? We can speculate how much interest the Mavs have, but I think he's inching forward in getting a job.
1. Get friendly with Mark Cuban. Just make sure they don't sign the guy. The Mavs recently signed Gerald Green, so make the case that Green is a newer, younger, and less washed up version of Miles. I don't think signing him makes much sense either. He could be a locker room distraction, another thing this squad does not need.

2. Let him rock; in the D-League. Some players that may not be the most popular NBA players, tend to play well in the D-League (Von Wafer is a good example). I could see Miles stay in the D-League and be a big time player there.

3. Offer him a ring if you win it all in seven years. It may not be as good as playing for it, but Miles could get a ring for not costing nine million!

I am a big Pritchard fan and I want to see the Blazers succeed (after the Lakers, of course). They have been taking in big time young ones and they are going to need all the cap they can get. So, make your old fans happy Darius!