Friday, July 25, 2008

The Machine Overseas?

The free agents currently available seem to all be interested in Europe now. Sasha Vujacic is threatening to go to Europe if he doesn't get about $5 million a year. Pretty soon we might as well take every guy on the market and ask if they want to go to Europe (Josh Smith next?).

I hope LA will keep Sasha, he's a young, pesky defender and his jump shot is dynamite. It gives LA great depth when you can bring Sasha and Jordan Farmar off the bench. LA already lost Ronny Turiaf to the Warriors, the young core of LA's future is at risk. The future would be Farmar or Vujacic starting, throwing the ball to Bynum down low.

No one has made him an offer, I think if it's not LA, it's Europe. Euro, or weak dollar, Mr. Machine?


Karlo said...

Thank God that the Lakers decided to resign Sasha AKA the Machine! As a Laker fan, I would like to point out that he played a big part in the successes of the Lakers. It feels good to know that I'm gonna see him in purple and gold come opening day