Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm thinkin.....

How bad will Canada lose tomorrow nights exhibition against the US (8pm Eastern, ESPN)? I'm not sure how hard the US will play, but Canada failed to make this years Olympics (they haven't since 2000, actually) and everyone knows the US wants to prove the doubters wrong.

No LJ in tomorrows game (probably), he's got an ankle sprain to deal with. What I am going to be looking for from the US is tough, lock down defense (I would say for 48 minutes, but I think it might be less). Also, I want to see how Coach K will play his three point guards (JKidd, CP3 and Deron Williams).

Hopefully, I'm wrong and we get to see a great game (a little more entertaining than summer league, please?). The only great thing going on in Canada that has to do with basketball is the Raptors, not this national team. Prove me wrong, prove to me that Steve Nash and Samuel Dalembert aren't the only two Canadian ball players worth knowing!