Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hawks Lose Depth, Blame the Dollar!

The Hawks have lost a nice young player in Josh Childress. Where did he go? Olympiakos. He's getting $20 million for three years and will stray from being paid in our weak dollar. Maybe my friend Kellex should change the name of his site (The Sports Dollar) to the The Sports Euro. Five guys have gone from the best professional basketball league in the NBA, to all parts of the world (Russia, Spain, Greece, etc.).

The Euroleague should certainly be happy, their league will benefit from all these guys coming over (don't forget Brandon Jennings!). I will watch as much Euroleague as I can! My question is, right now these teams have an advantage because their curriencies are strong, but once that dies down, what happens to guys like Childress? I hope he got an early termination option, while he may be a star over there, he may want to come back to the NBA at some time.

Is anyone else Euroleague bound? I think there may be a couple more players, but I'm not sure who they are.


BlueWorkhorse said...

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Childress has an opt-out clause (without a buyout) after each season. He is also getting almost twice as much to go to Greece:

— Olympiakos offered three years and $32.5 million, which after taxes paid by the club becomes a net of salary of about $6.7 million a year for Childress.

— The Hawks offered five years and $33 million, which after taxes paid by Childress becomes a net salary of about $3.4 million per year for Childress.

Olympiakos also is giving Childress additional perks:

— In addition to the double-stuffed salary Olympiakos also pays for all of Childress' living expenses, including luxury accommodations, a car and driver and maid service.