Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Free Agency Time!

Today teams can start negotiating contracts with free agents. So there are plenty of rumors flying around.

Baron Davis

I really don't like the idea of BD opting out. It doesn't make sense financially, unless there's a sign-and-trade.

Here are some numbers from a Ball Don't Lie post:
Davis was due to make 17.8 million bucks next season, but faced with a stalemate with the Warriors over a contract extension, he's now left all of that on the table.

Who cares about the extension now? Davis is 29 and despite past health issues, the big time 09-10 market might be better. Also, he's getting to that age where he probably wants to be with more of a real time contender (Clippers, stay away!).

He should have focused on playing this year, get almost 18 mil (not too shabby) and worry about getting a raise next summer. I hope this isn't about a raise. If I'm a GM, this guy isn't worth any more than that. Let's say he wants a three year deal that would net him just as much, if not more, per year. Then, you are paying a guy, who will be on the decline and possibly become an energy guy off the bench. Stay in Golden State, at least sign a one year deal, then you can play in the big free agent market!

Jose Calderon

Is staying put! Smart, seeing as Ford is going to the Pacers (as long as everyone passes a physical and the league approves it). The Raptors need him, it should be much easier to play the inside game, he'll get to throw the ball to Bosh or O'Neal.

Okay, enough with free agency for now. I have a poll up about the new film Gunnin' For That #1 Spot (here's a description). I haven't been able to see it yet (thanks for only releasing it in the big cities!), but I am trying to find a way. Hopefully I'm able to see it soon!

For the latest on free agency, check Google News, RealGM, and any other great sources for up to the minute updates.