Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camby off to LA!

The LA Clippers sent a second round pick to the Denver Nuggets for Marcus Camby. I like the move by the Clippers. This, of course, signals a change of motives for Denver.

I thought LA could make a run at Emeka Okafor, but I think they will do fine with Camby. He can defend, hit the mid range jumper and do a decent job of filling the void of Elton Brand. Going forward, I would like to see an addition at the small forward position.

Also, now we have another ESPN analyst saying the Clips are playoff bound-Ric Bucher. Now I don't think there are many definite playoff teams in the West (Lakers, Hornets, Spurs, that's about it!). I cannot put the Clippers in that bunch, even if they're healthy. I'm sure we haven't seen the last move from Golden State and they still have Dallas, Phoenix, and others to get through.

The Nuggets are probably not going to make the playoffs next year. This move says, "hey, we thought this team was good, but now we traded our best defensive guy and want to be bad in order to have cap for 2009-10!" That's what this is about: they came to the conclusion that this bunch can't win a title and want to have money to get another star next to Melo. The star I would like to see in Denver is Chris Bosh. He would be a nice fit, he does play defense (they really need that). I think that Allen Iverson could be on the market now. If any team has cap space, they can probably get whatever Nugget they want as long as it's not Melo.