Monday, July 07, 2008

Brandon Jennings Can Get Rich on July 11th!

Brandon Jennings has a marketing opportunity that may not be on his mind yet (no, this is not a spam post). On July 11th, his SAT scores will be released. How does this affect basketball? Well, if he gets a high score, he can go to the University of Arizona. Disappoint and he's either going to Wake Forest (test optional now), or more likely; he'll be on his way to Europe.

If you didn't know, July 11th is also iPhone day. People will be standing in line waiting to activate their 3g iPhones. How does all of this allow Brandon Jennings to compete with the marketing gem that is LeBron (he's got big endorsements with Nike, Microsoft and too many others)?

Let's assume he gets the right SAT Score..

Then, he should give a call to Apple. "Hey, Microsoft has LeBron James; I passed the SAT on iPhone day. Sound like the perfect combination?" Imagine Jennings talking with the iPhone music in the background, "When I'm not playin' ball, I rag on my friends who use Windows Mobile and chat it up with other 'one and done' guys." He could milk about a million from this at Arizona and raise the bar once he's in the NBA.

If the SAT doesn't compute..

Then he's Cisco bound. I can envision this even more than the iPhone: "Since I play on the other side of the globe, I need a powerful network that lets me video chat with my friends and family back in the states." Cisco could claim they're hip with a guy like Jennings backing their product. Jennings could start to compete with LJ with a couple million a year to start.

Now, I know this is far fetched

But Jennings has to start thinking about cash money! Aren't we going through tough economic times? And remember when three years and $21 million wasn't enough for
Latrell Sprewell to feed his family? Jennings might not be able to feed himself at Arizona, let alone feed everyone back home with his salary from Europe. And like KG says, "Anything is possible!"