Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Artest to Rockets?

According to RealGM, the Houston Rockets have reached an agreement with the Sacramento Kings to acquire Ron Artest.

Rockets get: Ron Ron
Kings get: Bobby Jackson, 1st round pick next year, probably Donte Greene and cash.

Oh, I forgot to include a ticket to the draft lottery in what the Kings get. I think this is a steal for the Rockets and if Yao and TMac are healthy, you've got a team that's ready to win. The West just gets tougher. This deal can't go through until August 14, if the rookie Greene is included. There will probably be more players added as more is learned.


Sanjeev said...

Yeah I really do agree. The Rockets assuming Yao and T-Mac are able to play to their potential we will have a new West-coast powerhouse. Ron Artest adds a great deal of offense to any team he goes too. Since the Rockets were primarily known as a defensive thing the GM has made a great choice.