Friday, July 04, 2008

5 Reasons Josh Smith Should Be a Sixer!

Josh Smith is probably one of the best free agents available at this point. The Sixers were a surprise playoff team in the East; they're young, athletic and getting better. They also have some cap room they can dish out. So I thought of five reasons they should sign Josh Smith.

5. So the Hawks can officially become the new Clippers (before the Baron Davis and Gordon moves). Unless there was a sign-and-trade, this team would go from just cracking into the playoffs, to a team with Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby and some other young guns. They would be the new team to laugh at (the Griz have joined that group).

4. So it looks like Ed Stefanski made a big move and is not just feeding off of the roster that Billy King made.

3. Because I want to hear a commentator say, "Oh my goodness what a move by Smith," (or some other OMG like reaction) further into the playoffs.

2. Then AI (the one in Denver) will realize, "
Man, I wish I had someone who played defense on my team."

1. Because it would give the NBA an excuse to put two players from the same team in the dunk contest! Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala are just freak athletes. Here is some proof: when you search "Josh Smith dunk," or "Andre Iguodala dunk," on Google, you get a combined 254,400 results!

Here are some Smith blocks and dunks:

This is a move-esq highlight film of Iguodala:


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