Monday, June 23, 2008

Shaq: The Rapper

Shaq decided to party and "diss" Kobe, and other great players. I wish TMZ would let me embed the video, but here is the link. (I found the video and will now put it up!) Shaq had the crowd chanting, "Kobe how my ass taste!" He also went on and on about Kobe not getting a ring without him. Well, sorry to protest Shaq, but if you win a championship without a strong #2 (Kobe, DWade), let me know.

Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; why do you need to insult them? I don't care if you have rings and Ewing doesn't and why do you think you're better than Kareem? He won six rings, six MVP's and was on the cover of SI 29 times!

Shaq, I understand you want to have fun and talk trash. Please, talk more high quality waste. Don't bring up old guys that aren't a part of this era of basketball. How about the Denver Nuggets, I'm sure you could find a lot of people to make fun of on that team (bad defense, anyone?).

Thanks for the Youtube video, Basketbawful!
Photo from TMZ's video


Space said...

Ahh... Alex it was just a freestyle. I assume you understand that freestyles are freestykes and nothing to be taken seriously. Everyone knows that Shaq has nver been one of those arrogant players that feels he is above that game, but we do know that Shaq loves to have fun and poke fun of people. That is all it was there isn't a high road to poking fun, just one.