Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Life of Michael Beasley

As the NBA draft approaches, ESPN is doing great videos on some of the top prospects in the draft. Most people know these guys can play, but these videos are great because it shows you the players character and their work ethic. In this video, they show him working on his basketball skills, shopping at the Adidas store and enjoying his friends company.

Seems like a normal NBA player, right? I thought it was odd to see his desire for the Timberwolves to get a top pick in the draft. To be honest, I don't think he's the top prospect. He seems like a versatile, complete ball player, but I've heard great things about O.J. Mayo's work ethic.

Recently, did an interview with Mayo's college coach Tim Floyd.

This really stands out:

Mayo's been quoted on ESPN saying that basketball is his life. Have you been around a player that's as focused on being great?

I have not. A lot of guys talk it, but O.J. acted it out. The day he got here, he started waking our players up at 7 a.m. to go over and lift weights. After they finished he made sure everybody stayed and worked on their individual skills. They'd go to class after that ... In the evenings they'd go over to play against the pros over at UCLA. He had the same type of work ethic throughout our season. He always stayed late; he'd come over in the evenings and work on his shot. The kid truly does love basketball.

If that's not enough, listen to this video about what he's actively working on.

I have lots of respect for Beasley. He is in the wave of the new NBA forward. Mayo is great because he wants to work (haven't heard that about Beasley, if you have, let's hear in the comments). I hope he holds himself to his word and lives up to all the hype about him.


Space said...

There is something about Beasley that would make me uneasy about drafting him. Sure he put up great numbers in college, but so did last Kevin Durant, but the difference is that Durant has ice running through his viens while Beasley has something to the tune or warm milk.

OJ Mayo to me is the 2nd best prospect in the draft behind Derrick Rose at this point. People may ride Mayo, because they have set unreal expectation to live up to. Take is stats at face value and honestly you would have the #1 pick in any other year of the draft.