Monday, June 16, 2008

LA's Heart Still Beating!

The Lakers beat the Celts 101-98, keeping the series and their championship hopes alive. I thought LA played terrible if you look past the first quarter. They were very inconsistent. Kobe had his mind set on jumpers instead of the rim. I don't know what went through his mind: I'm being guarded, well, maybe I should try to jab step and fake this guy out. Come on, you're one of the most explosive guys in the league. You should be slashing and dashing and dunking on this team.

How does LA play better on the road?

I think they have to do two things: go to the rim consistently and play great D. Two things they didn't do in this game, but hey they were in LA. They can't count on that anymore, they have to focus on maintaining leads and trying hard on both ends. By the way, no Mihm please, Phil.

I made some changes to the ratio I have been keeping and now it's the P.J. Brown, Sam I Am, Posey to Vujacic, Walton, and Farmar ratio. The results of adding points, blocks, dimes, steals, boards was 31:25. Farmar had his best game of the series, Posey was good as he has been in this series.

One stat that should be taken down..
How about dunks? I don't think I saw KB24 dunk the ball besides that dunk from the late game steal. LA didn't have enough contact with the rim. The two players I saw attack for LA were Gasol and Odom (sometimes).

Photo by:
Mark J. Terrill