Thursday, June 12, 2008

KG The Cheerleader?

Yes and here's his chant: B-E AGGRESSIVE! I have to agree with him, but how do they go about doing that? Early on they have to iso KG and try to get him to "do work" down low. Maybe some back screens that could open up an alley oop would get him going. Maybe I should count KG chest pumps and his other crazy antics. But he really just has to go out there and punish Gasol. I don't like the defense he's played and I know KG could play a lot better. I thought he took a few jumpers that were out of his range and not beneficial to a Boston comeback.

Game 4
KG will be a lot better. Early on you will see Doc make the right adjustments offensively that will get all of the big three going (not just Ray Allen). KG and the Celts were lucky that game three was slow and Piston vs. Spursesq, but now they will have to try to play what I think will be a Laker team on a mission to run and speed up this game.