Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hibatchi Is Your New Economics Instructor!

Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas has decided to represent himself and not give four percent of his money to some agent (that must be where Agent Zero comes from!). My thoughts on this are, who cares? Sure, Gilbert you were a big time player, but did you gain any market value this year? No, he played limited time this season and the Wizards were fine with him out of the lineup. It would have made a lot more sense to wait, take your money and play at a high level next year and test your worth when all of the teams will be jockeying for a franchise changing free agent.

If I'm the Wizards..
I see what I can get in a sign and trade deal. While Arenas may fill seats, he may not get them a step closer to a title. Jamison is more of an all around player, the guy who I would build around. They must get a high quality guard and small forward for Arenas, that makes the most sense to fill the biggest gaps. Arenas would probably fit well with a run and gun team (too bad the Suns are changing their philosophies!). I don't think he wants to go the Grizz, the second running team that comes to mind. Just send him to a contender. Get some classy vets who will bring a great locker room atmosphere to this squad.


veritas7411 said...

I agree with you on a few points, and I personally think Arenas is a little poisonous to a team that's trying to
establish character like the Wiz.

I think the Wizards should keep Arenas for at least 20 games, just to see how the team looks as a whole, which could hurt his value if they want to shop him, but giving away a superstar is a move any franchise must do reluctantly.

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