Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The C's Take It!

The Boston Celtics beat the Lakers and win a title in six games. Just looking at KG is so great, he's what this game is all about. The C's were having a party in the last couple of minutes, I'm just seeing this and loving it (of course, I love this game, NBA marketing)!

If you didn't see the game..

After the first half, you didn't really miss much. Boston played great D and LA was really only getting points through Kobe. Rondo had his best game of the series, he forced tons of turnovers that led to Boston points. I really thought Kobe would come out and go crazy on offense, he is kept down by the great D.

Now, looking back on this series, I wanted to see how important the stats I kept were important to determining who won the game. At home, where Boston won three games, the C's were +23 in points in the last two minutes of quarters. They also had the upper hand in each of those individual games. The one game the Celtics won on the road, they were +8 points in the last two minutes of quarters. I don't mean to brag, but it seems like the Celtics take pride in winning my stats!

LA had a great season and they can't be very disappointed. Just disappointed. I want to see them come back next year!

Take a moment to enjoy some of the C's emotions, KG has some funny moments in this press conference:

This is the best video I could find of the Gatorade dump on Doc Rivers. It's low quality, but it's ok.

Nice way to cap a great year for the NBA. Now, we look forward to the draft, Olympics, free agency and trade time!


Space said...

You have a nice site here Alex. This my first time coming across your site. But I have been a Garnett Fan since he first came into the league with the Timberwolves, so I can understand the frustation that Scoop asked him about and you could see he let it out in the interview with Michelle. Keep up the good work!