Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catch The Draft Tonight!

After much anticipation, tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern time the draft will commence. I love this draft because their is a lot of things we're not sure on. I have been soaking in all of the great blogs I can!

Well here's what I think. From what I've read, the Heat don't want Beasley. They really want a point guard. I have become an early Mayo fan, but I don't see the logic. They need an inside-outside game, not an outside-outside game. I like a big their, Haslem is nothing compared to Beasley. Blount, please!

Right now there is a pre-game on ESPN. Be back later (especially if something crazy happens)!


basketball hoops said...

but i think mayo is a great player also.

basketball hoops said...

i am a big fan of NBA draft.