Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boston Stuns LA!

If your jaw didn't already drop, newsflash Boston stunned LA, they won 97-91. I have to be honest, I am disappointed as a fan and a writer of this site. Despite the fact that a game six does seem possible, you have to wonder if LA will have the heart. Kobe was contained and I thought there was no living Kobe stopper. It was team defense, it was consistent play. If this goes five, the league office will be sad and I will be deeply hurt because there will be no more basketball this season (wait, the Olympics!).

I thought KG was going to be balling tonight, but he wasn't. Sure he had a double-double, but the guy took bad shots. Two games without KG being a big ticket, I would take a 1-1 record when that happens.

This might be something for the history books. I no longer care about the key metrics, this is pretty much a done deal. Forget the ref stories, this finals series is pretty much over! Boston might as well open up some champagne now!