Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vandeweghe promoted to Nets GM!

The New Jersey Nets promoted Kiki Vandeweghe to the general manager position. I think he is one of the best GM's available. He was already working for the Nets, so he should be familiar with the situation and already have some ideas in his head. His last experience running the show was with Denver and he made some great moves.

Looking at the Nets roster, they are young and have some potential. My idea would be trade VC and get younger. Allow this squad to rebuild. They need it. I mean, I'm not saying they couldn't be a playoff team in two to three years, but they need to make moves to be a contender. Carter is a player who most likely wants to lead a team to a title. He won't be able to win a title in NJ in his prime. There is not another Pau Gasol-like deal brewing.