Monday, May 19, 2008

Spurs finish off the Hornets!

In a surprisingly close game, the Spurs beat the Hornets 91-82 to win the series 4-3. The Spurs played great throughout almost the entire game. Near the end of the game, the Hornets were fueled by a hot streak from Pargo. The problem was Chris Paul didn't have any heroics in the bag. He is a good offensive player, but doesn't have enough individual game to propel them past the Spurs.

Again, I recorded the points in the last two minutes of quarters. The Spurs had a six point advantage over the Hornets. They won the all important third quarter, by only two. They played like an experienced team does in a game seven: poised and the old guys were able to hit jump shots.

It's late, so I will probably have more on this game tomorrow.