Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pistons beat up on the Magic!

The Pistons beat the Magic 91-72 to take a 1-0 series lead. This game was close for two and a half quarters. Then, with about five minutes to go in the third, Detroit played some "DETROIT BASKETBALL!" Orlando could've have stayed in the game if they made free throws and were actually aware of the out of bounds line. They have to take care of the ball and capitalize on free points from the line. Some three point shots wouldn't hurt either.

I loved how Detroit played Howard. He wasn't able to get into a good rhythm; the Pistons kept putting different guys on him. Wallace and Maxiell will be the two that normally guard Howard. Orlando will make offensive adjustments and I'm sure there are a few things they can change defensively.

Howard seems to have a bad hand. This is a huge concern because he is the reason the Magic are even in the playoffs. His hands didn't look good from the free throw line either. His stroke is ugly (okay, not Shaq ugly, but not too great). Orlando really needs a shooting coach for Howard, if not the whole team. They shot just 50% compared to the Pistons 88.9%. Orlando shot 10-20 from the line, 10 points that could've cut into the Pistons lead. This would have kept them in the game and not just make it a blowout.

I like the Pistons to take game two. Howard may not be 100% and I think that will play a factor in how aggressive he is. If they don't have to pay a lot of attention to him, they can stop the three point shot. Orlando shot badly in the first game, but don't expect them to stay cold. The Magic will be a totally different team once they head back to Orlando; until then Detroit's got the upper hand.