Friday, May 23, 2008

Lakers Trample Spurs!

In what ended up being a blowout game, the Lakers beat the Spurs 101-71. The Lakers got the rust of their first quarter game and executed terrifically throughout the game. The root of the Spurs problem is the health of Manu Ginobili. He didn't look great in the first half, but he showed some signs in the second.

The Spurs need to put all the time and resources they can into making sure Manu is 100% Manu. Kobe had around the clock treatment for his back; I know it's not the same for an ankle, but something similar to that will have a positive effect.

Once again I recorded the points in the last two minutes of quarters. The results from this were staggering. The Spurs had no points in the last two minutes in the first, second and third quarters. The fourth quarter didn't matter, that was straight garbage (said the Marv Albert way) time. Overall, the Lakers had a 21 point advantage in this aspect.

I like the Spurs to come out strong in game three. They are looking old, but hopefully the Texas air will be botox for the Spurs game. Kobe has to score more than 22 points if LA wants to win on the road. This game won't be won by 30, but home court could change the Spurs.