Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lakers beat Jazz!

The LA Lakers beat the Utah Jazz 109-98 to take a 1-0 series lead. Utah was ready to get blown out in the first half, but played a nice second half. The reason this game got away from them was Kobe getting to the line. He made 21 free throws, something that gets his shot going and provides almost automatic offense. Utah let them run in the first half, they need a half court game.

Kobe only made seven shots and had 30 points. That's a recipe for disaster. You wouldn't really mind the 30 if he had to put up 20 shots. Foul trouble was an issue and if they stop hacking Kobe, Boozer won't foul out.

I like Utah to start game two hot, but finish down 2-0. LA doesn't want to look venerable at Staples, it's already tough enough to win in Utah. The game will be a bit closer, Kobe needs to be contained. If they force him to take tons of shots (hopefully tough jumpers), they put themselves in position to steal the game late.


Love & Basketball said...

This looks like a great start to the series. I thought Utah was out of it but they really started to comeback in the 4th and make a push..could make for an exciting Game 2. Wouldn't mind this going 7 games..