Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knicks pull the trigger on D'Antoni!

The Knicks will hire Mike D'Antoni as head coach. His contact will go four years and he will payed-too much for a rebuilding team. Everyone knows that Mike can coach and be successful, but a great coach has to have great players. It's almost as bad as the Larry Brown debacle. I think six mill a year is too high if you are in rebuilding mode.

Quick question: does Walsh think this team can become a title contender in four years? It's possible, but the worlds dumbest GM's would have to be involved. A lot of people think the Grizz GM would be a good candidate (Pau deal not good in this example). Maybe the Knicks can put all that money they like to spend into getting a team to hire a terrible GM. Then trade them for everything they've got.

This is not a quick fix. New York needs to slow down and realize the players they have on the floor are human. A coaching change won't change the lack of leadership in the lock room and not much on the floor. Donnie Walsh (Knicks president) didn't seem to be in a position to wheel and deal. Bringing a high caliber coach like Mike makes me think he might have a couple deals on his mind.


Justin said...

Good hire for the Knicks . Richardson, Crawford, and Lee will flourish in his style of play, but they will need to find a point guard to run the ship.