Friday, May 02, 2008

Hawks beat Celts again!

The Hawks beat the Celtics 103-100 to tie the series 3-3 and force a game seven. I really didn't think they had it in them, but they most certainly do. They played big in the money quarter and Boston couldn't buy a basket for a large part of the fourth. Johnson was mostly contained on offense, but used his experience to benefit his squad.

Mike Woodson is now pondering about how his team can get a win in Boston. It seems impossible, but they've got to come out and stun the crowd. Force the tempo and don't get intimidated by the Boston intensity. Atlanta has proved themselves to be more than just a band of kids with just two guys with playoff experience; they play really hard. Woodson deserves credit for getting them out of the shell shock they appeared to be in after the first two games.

I hate to doubt the underdog, but I don't think they can win in Boston. There would be a riot in Boston and I don't think KG will play half-heartedly. Johnson has to continue to pass the ball effectively and get his teammates in a good rhythm. Boston has got to be disappointed in themselves. They couldn't get one win on the road this series. That's insulting if you're KG, Doc, or Scalabrine (a player who's been in street clothes this series) doesn't matter who it is. To win a title, road wins are required. I look to see more poise when they play on the road in the second round.