Friday, May 16, 2008

Check out my guest post on The Sports Dollar!

I wrote a nice guest post about sports blogging on a site called The Sports Dollar. It is written by a friend of mine named Kellex and he is a great writer (he also writes le basketbawl).

Here's a sneak peak at my post titled: Don't Recap, Rethink: A Sports Blog Primer:
Blogging is thought to be hard and tedious by the average person. Trust me, it's not astrophysics. You don't have to know everything about SEO, web design or how to work complex programs. The quintessential aspect is time.
Check out the rest of my guest post.

Check out my post and learn how I and other sports bloggers make money. This is a relatively new site and it is getting better and better. Great blogger that has never heard of Digg or Ballhype? Head over to his site and you will learn how to use everything to your advantage.

Tonight in the NBA there is a terrific double header on ESPN. Starting at 8 PM Eastern the Cavs will play the Celtics. I like the Celtics, but I give the Cavs a 50-50 chance. They can win because the Celtics are not the Celtics on the road (so far) and LeBron can will them to victory. Then at 10:30 PM Eastern, the Lakers take their 3-2 lead to Utah. I like Utah to win this one. It will be close, but Utah won't go down easy. Kobe is not 100%, but he's okay. If Jerry Sloan can get his players to post him up early, he might show some fatigue and pain.