Sunday, May 18, 2008

Celtics Finish The Cavs!

The Celtics beat the Cavs 97-92 to advance to the Eastern conference finals. We saw two special players really ball today: Paul Pierce and LeBron James. The reason the Celts are better is they have a tremendous supporting cast. Despite Allen's poor performance, Rondo has been great, Brown was ballin and House provided a spark. All you see from the Cavs is some nice play from Delonte West.

Boston took 14 games just to get to these conference finals. You have to think some of the gas will be out of the tank once they face the Pistons. I am not going to make any predictions yet, but Detroit is a lot fresher. Detroit's starting point guard says he is 100% now as well.

Bron Bron put it all on the line and it wasn't enough. 45 points, almost half of the Cleveland's 92. That says it all. The only other player that had double figures was Delonte West. Danny Ferry has to put a strong supporting cast around him. If he doesn't do it soon, he could hit the high road in 2010.

Again I recorded some of my own stats. Points in the last two minutes of quarters. These stats are taken from quarters two through four. Boston had a 5-2 advantage over the Cavs. Compared to game six, these number were a lot closer. I don't think there was one quarter in game six that had a one point difference in the last two minutes. Want to see a quarter to quarter breakdown of these stats? Check out for a document you can download.