Friday, May 16, 2008

Cavs Force Game Seven!

LeBron James willed the Cavs to win over the Celtics. The series is now tied 3-3 and game seven will be played in Boston on Sunday. It seemed just like another typical game in the second round- the home team had the upper hand. They started the second half on fire and I thought they might run away with the game. Then, after a 13-0 Celts run it appeared that Boston could steal this game.

I took down some of the stats that I think are very important. I recorded points scored in the last two minutes of each quarter. Here's a rundown: the Cavs had a 15 point advantage over the Celts. The only quarter in which the Celtics had more points was the fourth. Also, period two and three were a no show in the last two minutes. You can't get it done this way.

Looking forward, I think Boston is able to win a trip to the Eastern conference finals. The Cavs have LeBron, but not the same supporting cast on the road. I don't know what has caused this league wide roadaphobia, but it's not stopping any time soon. I would call this an NBA pandemic.

If you want to see a quarter to quarter breakdown of the stats I took, checkout I will be using this site to host this and other files that have my recorded stats.