Saturday, April 12, 2008


Gilbert Arenas is really playing well. I don't care about the first three quarters, he showed up big time in the fourth (finial score 109-93, Wiz win). His three point range is better than you would get in a video game. He thinks he will make it every time and that's what makes his shot so tough to guard. His willingness to come off the bench is very unselfish of him; I really admire that. The coaching staff even let him play over the 20 minuets they want him to play. That's a sign of how healthy he is and how much this game mattered to both teams (Eastern conference playoff seeding at stake).

What hurt Phili was simply not scoring in crunch time. The Wizards had a 22 point advantage in the period and held the Sixers to just nine points in the fourth. I know the new AI (Andre Iguodala) is supposed to be their go to guy, but he didn't show up when it mattered. He had some nice moves off the dribble, but his shot was way off. It was a classic example of a million dollar move, but a 10 cent finish. As a bottom seed in the East, they have to know how to play at all times, but especially in the money quarter. You can dig yourself into a hole in the first quarter, but you've still got three more quarters. Tonight the Sixers got cold in reverse order (in the last quarter).

I like the Wiz, they are improving and Agent Zero can provide a constant scoring spark. If they play Cleavland in the first round, the series could go all seven games. I do like the Cavs a bit more, especially because they should have home court.
Photo by:
Nick Wass