Wednesday, April 02, 2008


New York finally wants to get serious. They brought in Donnie Walsh as president for four years. If you didn't hear what he had to say, there was a great interview on ESPN radio (Listen to it here). This is a smart choice and I think the future in NY is not near as bleak. Artest will probably cause a stir this summer about coming to the Big Apple, but whatever happens, this team is going to improve. I trust Walsh, but it will take time. The cap situation couldn't be worse; he doesn't want to complicate the issue. Let the team somewhat under perform for three years, and PLEASE don't resign the huge cap players and let time takes its toll.

The possibility for a major acquisition in 2010 is growing. It would be great to see LJ, or Wade in a Knicks uniform. I also have NO doubt the coaching catastrophe that is Isiah Thomas will be dealt with. He will leave on a bad note, but I don't really care about his image. Thomas really hurt NY and I hope he never runs a team again.

Now, someone asked me about the MVP race. They wanted to know if Chris Paul can win it. My answer: Yes, but there are some prerequisites. I think they have to finish strong and they have to win the west. My other candidates are KG because you cannot underestimate a team that has dominated throughout this season. Lastly, KB24 (Kobe Bryant) they also have got to finish strong, although I don't think they have to win the west. He is terrific individually and the NBA seems to always reward that. It's a toss up, but Paul is not my number one.