Friday, April 04, 2008


The Jazz held the Spurs to just 26 second half points and won be 26, 90-64. This is a big feat because they beat the Spurs by so much. I expected them to win (they have the best home record), but not blow them out. For about three quarters of this game, it was a grind it out physical affair. I really liked how the refs set a standard from the beginning of the game. They know that these are physical teams, so they should be allowed reach in a little bit here and there.

What stands out to me is that the Spurs settled for the loss early. I think Popovich knew it's very tough to win in Utah and the season is almost over. He also knows that his team will be in the playoffs. I agree with all of his assumptions, but I wish they would've put forth some more effort.

Utah's shooting was the biggest problem early on for the Jazz, but soon enough it turned around. I like that Boozer pounded it into the paint continuously, no matter how much Duncan hounded him.

I am concerned about how Utah will close the season. They are facing some tough teams on the road, yes Utah that means out of the Energy Solutions Arena. They have to at least go 500. on this road stretch, a terrible performance would really hurt their confidence. Home games against the Rockets and Nuggets are must wins if the road trip doesn't end well.
Photo by:
Douglas C. Pizac


Alan son said...

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