Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Suns beat the Spurs 105-86, but still trail the series 3-1. They put forth some defensive effort and they blew them out. They started out hot on offense and it had a clear effect on how they played defense. Mike D'Antoni got thrown out of the game late, maybe this will help the Suns more. There was some call he didn't like and he was on fire. They know they've got to bring the heat in game five, a little heat from their coach wouldn't hurt.

The Spurs just have to not get into a hole early. If they can contain the Suns early, they'll be able to stay in the game. Maybe a reminder that they're a grind the game out team wouldn't hurt. Force the tempo and make the Suns play long and hard on the defensive end. Scoring under 100 points is not bad if you're San Antonio, it's welcomed.

Phoenix should win game five. It will be much closer, but they will extend the series at least one more game.